The Next Phase of my life

Turning 60 is a good thing. My working career and raising four children kept me more than busy for the last 35 years and now I am entering a new phase of life. I wanted to retire so that I could travel and have the freedom to experience new adventures. I enjoyed teaching but was definately getting tired of the time spent on disciplining and lack of time left to spend on helping students that were at school to learn.
I began teaching in 1970, full of energy and ideas to help students fulfill their potential. Education has changed since then partly due to technology and the changing world. That was to be expected. What was not expected was the pressure put on teachers to be parents. Parenting appears to have also changed and not for the better. Lack of respect and self discipline among many of our youth makes learning the traditional way a thing of the past.

My years of teaching experiences is for another day and a different blog.  My focus now is to move into the life after retirement. I do want to continue teaching but now I want to teach where students and adults want to learn and do not take education for granted.

I expressed my interest in going overseas to teach english. Being able to experience a different culture and travel has always been a passion of mine. Luckily I mentioned this to a couple in Vancouver and got a positive reaction.

Lawrence and Lori-Ann Keenan, directors and owners of CSLI (Canadian as a Second Language Institute) introduced me to Rose Charities and the exciting work being done in Kalmunai, Sri Lanka. To gain background on what has been happening please log into

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